How to Get a Bigger Penis in Minutes a Day Using These Special Stretches

How to Get a Bigger Penis in Minutes a Day Using These Special Stretches

Stretches have a lot to do with adding length to your penis. When people are unhappy with the size of their penis, they search out for a way to get the size they want on a fast schedule. How you get a bigger penis in minutes a day is by following a simple set of special stretches that will help you get a bigger penis. Many methods are out there to help you choose and some of the best special stretches are:

Tunica Stretch

Similar to the V-Stretch the tunica stretch is where you have to stretch your ligaments to their max. This is accomplished by grabbing your penis in the OK grip and slowly moving the grip from the base to head. The tunica is a muscle that needs to be exercised and by stretching it, you are allowing for your penis to get the strength it needs. The tunica stretch is one of the simplest stretches that have the best outcome.

BTC Stretch

Here you have a stretch in which you stand up for. The simplicity of this stretch will want to make you do this on top of the other stretches that you do. Start by placing on foot on a chair and grab your penis from behind and tuck it behind. Put your leg done and hold the stretch. If done correctly you will not feel any pain or discomfort for 5 minutes. This stretch allows you to have some freedom of not having to deal with any machines or having to do the stretch yourself.

Fowfer Stretch

In this stretch you have different things that you can do. You have to realize that there are variations to this to be able to find the right one to go with. One method is to reach around and pull the penis in between the buttocks and sit on it. This stretch will allow you to have a lot of the stretch centered on the whole penis. The other method is to move it to the right a little bit and to sit on it under one of the cheeks of the buttocks. This is also an effective stretch that will give you a long stretch without the pain of putting too much pressure. When you have gotten past the initial shock, you will be able to hold this stretch for 5-10 minutes.

Penis enlargement is one of the most sought for methods of enlarging the penis in a healthy and natural method. When you have mastered the exercises, it will require you to step it up and research more involved stretches. In the end, you will have a longer and stronger penis without the stress of overdoing it and damaging it.

Everyone in the world of penis enlargement wants to find the special exercise that is going to give them the most from the stretch as possible. When you have the stretch that you like, you need to be able to have patience and diligence if you are going to get anywhere with it at all. You will not be disappointed if you stick to a program that works.

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