Succeeding in a Dull College Class With a Monotone Professor

Succeeding in a Dull College Class With a Monotone Professor

Let’s face it college is tough enough without dull classes of professors whose voice and pitch is clearly monotone. Not fast, not slow, no emotion and nowhere to go; there you are for hours in a pre-requisite class that you had to pay for and buy the book.

Where else, what other nation may I ask that you have to pay for your own torture? It’s just not fair, yet, to graduate it is something you must bare and in all this the instructor could change, but he has tenure and doesn’t care.

The only way to combat such a dilemma is to take careful notes and search his words for meaning, trivia or when his voice gets even the least bit animated, realize this is an important point, something he finds of interest and thus, it will surely be on the test. You must never confront an instructor and tell them that their class sucks, not until you have completed your degree; even then why bother, success in life is the best revenge.

The best advice that top students give for dealing with lousy professors is to find something in the topic that interests you personally and makes it fun and thus, keeps your mind emotionally involved causing you to want to learn more. This will assist you in increasing your curiosity and get you to seek this knowledge, not for the grade, but because it is for you, because you want to learn.

You can succeed in a dull college class and get an A, even with a tenured monotone professor that doesn’t seem to care and could not make the subject interesting if his life depended on it. But, to succeed it must come from you. Please consider this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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