College Planning – Colleges Looking For Students That Challenge Themselves

College Planning – Colleges Looking For Students That Challenge Themselves

Colleges are looking for students that challenge themselves in high school to go higher. When the opportunity arises, take advance courses in your strong subjects. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Make your weakness firm by applying more effort. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Strengths are good but weaknesses can hold you back from obtaining goals. Choose your path according to you strengths. In the long run it is your strengths that will prosper you. Be balanced.

Make the basics your strengths of everyday success. Be solid in the basic classes that most collages require to be accepted. Classes such as: English, math, including algebra II and geometry, history or social science, laboratory science and two years of a foreign language

Know your limits. Don’t push yourself beyond good grades. GPA is a major area that colleges look at when choosing students for higher education. On the other hand do not make it to easy on yourself just to get good grades. You will be cheating yourself and others of you talents.

Do not get a collage education for selfish reasons just to make more money. You need to get an education to develop you talents so others can be blessed by you. Be a blessing to others and blessings will abound toward you. The law of giving and receiving is always working either for you or against you. The choice is yours and is determined by your actions.

Look at collage as a tool that is helping you find you place in life. Where you attend collage and what you study is a major crossroad in your life. So give it much thought before you start your journey. Make sure you are taking the right path to start with and you will save a lot of back tracking, which can prolong reaching your goals.

Source by Alfred Grenfell Fishburne, Jr

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