ClickBank – Use your Affiliate Link to get E-books Half Off!

ClickBank – Use your Affiliate Link to get E-books Half Off!

E-books can be Expensive

If you’re like me, you’ve shelled out a lot of cash for e-books. If you are reading e-books to learn, to review them so you can promote them, or both, the cost can add up fast. I’m used to paying around $10 a book on Most e-books cost over $50. Plus you don’t much information to decide if the ebook is worth the cost. There is usually just one sales page.

Get E-books Half Off

Here is a way you can sign up as an affiliate at ClickBank so you can get e-books half off. It’s FREE, and there is no obligation or commitment. However, if you’re smart, when you find a good ebook, you’ll write your own review of it. You can sign up with ClickBank and promote the e-book (write an article for about what you learned). You make money when someone goes to your web site and purchases the ebook you review.

E-books have great profit margins. The information in ebooks is often cutting edge and highly relevant. Reading e-books is one of my favorite ways to learn about making money online. E-books are dynamic and have links to lead you to additional resources online.

There is an e-book on just about any subject you’re interested in. After you pay, you can start reading instantly, even if it’s 1 am! I print out and spiral bind my favorite ebooks so I can take notes in them. I also don’t need have my computer on to read them.

ClickBank – a place to buy E-books

ClickBank is a popular site to buy ebooks or promote them. There are other networks like them so whenever you want to read an ebook, check out how it’s sold. Some are individuals but usually ebooks are sold through a network like ClickBank.

Here’s how to buy e-books for half price through ClickBank [ This link will take you directly to the page to sign up (it’s hard to find). After you are accepted, use this link to buy or browse ebooks [ on ClickBank.

Notice the small print that ranks the sales of the ebooks against other similar ebooks. There will be a link next to each ebook with a percentage. On my example below, you would click on “earn 50.0%”. Then you’ll get a popup window with a place to submit your username. Insert the ID you got when you signed up. This is how you get your unique URL.

For example, one of my links looks like this: [ The word right after ” is your username (mine is newsgrl). Then the next part of the URL is the ebook title, “quitdayjob” in this case. The rest is from ClickBank and will always stay the same.

Here is what a ClickBank Entry looks like:

High Performance Affiliate Marketing. [ earn 50.0 % ]

Make automatic cash by promoting the affiliate e-book that sells itself.

PAYOUT STATS: $earned/sale: $ 20.73 , %earned/sale: 50.0 %, %referred: 84.0 %, gravity: 153.63

Reading e-books is a great way to stay current on technology. Technology changes fast. Most people don’t know how to find e-books they need to help them learn new information. It can be intimidating at first because e-books are still new. Hopefully this has demystified some of the process for you.

In closing here are two more ClickBank tips:

Tip #1

If you ever want to create your own e-book, ClickBank is a good place to sell your content.

Tip #2

You can sign up with ClickBank. You’ll earn a commission when you refer people to them. Since ClickBank manages all merchants on their servers, you can trust you’ll get credited for every sale you send them. You can check your sales at any time to see how many people have purchased an e-book through your link.

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