Students Want College Leaders To Address Their Job Search Problems

Students Want College Leaders To Address Their Job Search Problems

Everyone knows that college students are having trouble finding jobs in today’s economy. However, some colleges are meeting that problem head-on and taking actions that can make things easier for their students.

When college leaders are actively helping students address these issues, everyone will:

– Learn about it through their communications

– See it as they make changes

– Recognize their leadership as others implement and support the changes

– Feel it in the energy and attitude they present

– Read about it in the College newspaper

– Hear about it on the College radio station

– Recognize their concern and commitment through their words and actions

– See it in the results that students achieve

What is it that concerned college leaders can do? The best leaders put people, systems and tools in place to:

– Make it clear that the senior year job search starts in the freshman year

– Help students prepare a personal employment plan

– Coach students throughout their college years

– Train students in every aspect of the employment process

– Explain what the best employers expect from students

– Help students understand where their majors will take them

– Teach students about the need for accomplishments beyond the classroom

– Encourage students to ask questions of their coaches and career services

– Utilize a system to help students identify employment opportunities

– Methodically prepare students for their senior year job search

– Teach students how to differentiate themselves

– Help students understand the value of job-related work experience

– Show students how to prepare an outstanding resumé

– Help students develop compelling examples and stories

– Offer opportunities to develop and practice their interviewing skills

– Help students identify a variety of employment opportunities

– Seek and implement new systems and tools to address Job Search issues

When college leaders are doing a good job of helping students address and solve their job search challenges, students will:

– Be much more effective, as they compete for employment opportunities

– Answer yes to the question, “Are your college leaders addressing your Job Search problems?”

Unfortunately, some college leaders believe that student employment issues are merely the responsibility of their students the Career Services Office. Many think that colleges should only be concerned with providing students with a good education. Those college leaders would be wrong.

In today’s economy, a good education no longer assures students of a good job. Too many high performing college students end up underemployed or unemployed when they graduate. Reasons include:

– Right now, fewer good paying jobs exist for college graduates

– Students do not know how to prepare for and conduct an effective job search

– Students do not know how to identify employers and jobs in their fields

– Students do not understand what employers want and expect from them

– Too many students think that good grades alone will get them a job

– Students do not realize that employers will ask about accomplishments beyond the classroom

– Some students cannot handle their classes plus a part-time job in their field

– Students do not realize that job search preparation begins in the freshman year

– Many good students do not know how to compete for the best jobs

– Most students do not think about employment until their senior year

– Many colleges do not provide the assistance and training that students need

– Few college leaders are concerned about student employment problems

“Nothing is so ordinary as the person who fails to take advantage of the opportunity to become extraordinary.” — Bob Roth

When college leaders recognize that their students are looking to them for help, truly concerned leaders respond. They seek out and utilize tools such as The Job Identification Machine™ and The Job Search Preparation System. They also provide the necessary resources to their Career Services Office and expect all employees on their campuses to help. However, without strong leadership and involvement from the top, colleges will fall short of what students need and want. That is why the best college leaders always ask two questions, “Am I doing everything possible to address the job search needs and challenges of my students?” and “Am I missing the opportunity to become extraordinary?”

Source by Bob Roth

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