Make Your Copywriting Projects Unbeatable…By Reading Old Comic Books?

Make Your Copywriting Projects Unbeatable…By Reading Old Comic Books?

Perhaps the best “power education” I’ve ever received on writing copy and using good old-fashioned psychology to sell with the written word was when I was just a kid.

You see, back then I used to collect a lot of comic books. And back then comic books had some of the best direct response ads you’ll ever see.

They were written by just awesome copywriters who really understood people’s hot buttons and exactly what people wanted to buy and how to get them to buy with just a few words.

In fact, I often tell people who use pay-per-click advertising to look at old comic book ads.


Because those copywriters really understood how to sell — not just generate leads — with just one or two sentences. In some cases, they did it with just a few words (Like the “Charles Atlas” ads, for example).

And that’s why old comic book ads are just phenomenal as copywriting aids and tools.

Just make sure you look at the right ads.

These days — like in most magazines and publications — comic book ads are nothing but big image ads. They have more in common with big glossy business cards, than ads. And are a waste of time to look at.

Instead, seek out the comic books from 20+ years ago — from the 1940’s up until the late 1980’s.

That was when the really powerful ads were run and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of various different products were sold with simple direct response ads in comic books.

Source by Michael Senoff

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