Girls Basketball Players – How to Get Recruited by a College Coach

Girls Basketball Players – How to Get Recruited by a College Coach

Playing for the University of Tennessee, University of Connecticut, Rutgers University, Louisiana State University and other women’s college basketball programs are dreams of girls basketball players. But how can you get recruited to play college basketball? In order to be recruited by a college coach you have to be seen by either the head coach or someone on their staff. Here are ways to be seen.

Attend summer basketball camp!

All major college basketball programs have summer basketball camps. In fact they have several kinds of camps; team camps, elite camps, fundamental camps, etc. The earlier in your career you attend a camp, the better. Why? If you are a freshman and need to work on skills, you have time to develop the skills. There is no better place to get a college basketball coach to see you than at their own gym. Not only that, you can have an actually one-on-one conversation with them, their staff and players. It’s the perfect opportunity to see who they are off the court.

Play summer basketball!

Coaches are limited on how much time they have to watch players play. However, there are summer tournaments and camps available were coaches can come out and watch you play. They are called NCAA certified events. Dozens of college coaches come to these events to watch players perform.

Develop your game!

Attending college basketball camps and playing summer basketball does not guarantee you to be recruited if you can not play at a top level. College coaches are looking for players that can play and compete on their level. Are you that type of player? If you’re not and it’s early in your basketball career, work on your game. Get in the gym and get better.

Source by Patosha Jeffery

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