Book Cover Design – Online Ecover Generator Exposed!

Book Cover Design – Online Ecover Generator Exposed!

Some self-publishing authors tend to be nonchalant with their work’s book cover design. What usually goes on in their minds is the idealistic thought that if the e-book is worth reading, it would sell by itself. What they fail to consider is the fact that even educational materials have to be treated as commercial products. It means that e-books have to be effectively marketed as well. The internet is teeming with myriads of information. It is the role of an ethical e-book writer to let his or her target readers know what they are up to right before purchasing the book.

Bookstore owners can prove this by monitoring the sales of books that have sloppy covers and comparing them to those with well-thought out covers on the same topic. You may also notice that a classic novel with a captivating book cover sells better than another version of it with nothing else to get hang about. What more for an intangible e-book?

Creating a professional-looking book cover makes it easier for your target readers to actually imagine that the book you are selling exists without the need for a preview. The internet is full of scammers nowadays. This makes customers more skeptical about purchasing any online product. An effective book cover design makes your e-book credible in the eyes of potential readers. If another website is selling almost the same information, there is a greater chance that a customer would choose your e-book instead of the competitor’s if your cover design is better. In fact, a study shows that the graphics on book covers increase book sales by up to 300%. Although this figure is yet to be verified, there is no wonder that a good cover design significantly increases e-book sales.

Some self-publishing authors turn their backs on designing book covers, thinking that it would take them a lot of money hiring a graphic designer. If they wanted to do it on their own, they get easily discouraged by the mere lack of graphic designing skills. The solution to this problem is an ecover generator. As the name implies, this web software allows you to create professional e-book covers and other labeling materials in just a few minutes. All you need is to sign up with the service to access the tool on the website. From there, you can start designing your e-book cover by choosing from the wide selection of templates, shapes, text effects, font styles and lots of other features. You may also upload your own graphics to be incorporated on the book cover design.

The tool is easy to use, all you need is to drag and drop the elements you wanted to use for the cover. After you are done with the design, you will be asked to choose the type of cover you need. Generate the cover, download the finished design and you are done. You can experiment on the tool to get the hang of it. Once you are satisfied with your outputs, try it out on other people to see if your cover works. Now that you are well-versed with the tool, it would be easier for you to modify your designs and choose what is best for your e-books.

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