How to Compose Your First E Book Before Selling Them Online

How to Compose Your First E Book Before Selling Them Online

“How do I go about composing and selling e book online?” Have you ever asked yourself this question? Adding to that, for someone who just started out invariably this question follows, “I can’t spent any money on buying $37 or $97 instruction so any advice is very much appreciated.” I am no expert but I have a few power tips I can share when it comes to the subject of composing your first e book. The selling part is a subject of another article.

So here are the tips to kick start your first e book writing:

Tips 1: Realign your mindset

What you often said to yourself before you start pounding the keyboard or scribing on a piece of paper goes something like, “What am I thinking? I’m not a writer…,” and you are right. If you imagine you are writing a piece like those of Shakespeare then starting is a huge task to shoulder. But if you think that your piece just like a conversation, a day to day conversation, then starting out sounds much easier and enjoyable.

Tip 2: Get into your readers’ mindset

No man is an island, and you heard that before right? Unless you want your piece not to be read, then you can just write for yourself, like your secret diary entry. You want someone to read your piece. You want to inspire. You want them to take action. That is why you need to get into their mindset. So the next logical question is, “How do I get into my readers’ mindset?”

Tip 3: Hang out where they hang out

Since you are going to create and sell your writing online, one of the best ways to get into your readers’ mindset is to mingle with them. Online, you can do this simply by going to forums, reading blogs or subscribing to newsletters which your targeted readers subscribe. This is a powerful way to get into their mindset.

Tip 4: Visit e books market place is one of such places. There, you can see what is on the bestsellers list for your targeted niche. If it is possible, take a peek inside the ‘Table of Content’ and see how the author approach the subject matter. Don’t just stop there. Do further research on the Search Engines.

Tip 5: Visit Alexa

Do a keyword research there and see what turns up. Look at how a popular e book site especially the one that you are interested in get ranked. Of course we would not know how exactly but notice the important elements on that site. That should be enough to spark some bright ideas for your writing.

Tip 6: Visit auction site

Repeat the same things like what you do in the previous tips.

Tip 7: Take notes

Take a lot of notes, if you haven’t already.

Tip 8: Outline

I believe you must have heard this thousands of times before, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Embrace the truth and start your outline or blueprint or layout.

Tip 9: Let go

Here is where thing is about to get interesting. You can choose to believe this or not but it will help more than it hurts if you give it a shot. Here is what I mean; after you have your outline, you let your fingers do the thinking and writing. Don’t censor or edit anything. Let everything out.

Tip 10: Incubating time

After you feel that you have squeeze the last drip of your creative juice, let your masterpiece takes it form in its own accord. Do not force it out. But don’t leave it there forever also. Find a balance time frame. When I first started out, I find 48 hours to be just nice.

If you tried these 10 tips with an open mind I honestly believe that you can come up with a decent first timer writing master piece. These tips provide you with powerful ideas to compose your first e book writing and beyond.

Source by Nezrul Hisyam Abdul Ghani

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