Hal Leonard’s Guitar Method – The Complete Edition, Books and CDs 1, 2, and 3

Hal Leonard’s Guitar Method – The Complete Edition, Books and CDs 1, 2, and 3

Book Review: Hal Leonard’s Guitar Method – Complete Edition books & cd’s 1 2 and 3 by Will Schmid


  • The backing tracks in this one are complete collections and the sound is perfect. It is entertaining to play along with the tracks for practice but make sure that you concentrate so that you don’t lose your own styles.
  • The lessons contained in this one are all relevant to the music nowadays and this makes them much more interesting as well.
  • A minor point for many of you, but important in the case of guitar books is that this one contains no typos.


  • One of the biggest negatives of the book perhaps is the fact in book 1, the methods seem to be losing their organization and pay less attention to some important concepts.
  • The tabs have been a bit overdone. Once they are introduced, it just seems as if the book contains too much of tabs and this often becomes a problem for people who wish to learn how to read musical notes.
  • There are advanced concepts that are touched up on by the book and as a guitar player, you will realise that it is important to have a teacher for such advanced techniques.

Mel Bay Guitar Method Grade 1:


  • The organisation of this book is fantastic since each lesson is built on the one preceding it.
  • The book is also highly useful in order to learn how to read musical notes or read music.
  • Each technique is put down in detail and one gets an in depth look into them in order to learn them properly.


  • The selection of songs on the disks that come with the book are not the right one’s for playing and it makes the CDs quite boring very often.
  • In addition, the recording of the backing tracks on the CDs are recorded cheaply which makes it less useful for beginners.
  • As mentioned before, lack of typos should be important and this book has a number of typos which again makes it tough for beginners.

Hal Leonard’s is the better overall product but Mel Bay’s is better for learning how to read music.

Source by Nathan J Slater

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