Does an Online Format Cause Readers to Skim Rather Than Fully Digest Information?

Does an Online Format Cause Readers to Skim Rather Than Fully Digest Information?

What kind of online format would really attract readers to fully digest information? Any ideas? Read on to find out.

I have surfed the net and read PDF books widely and I come to the conclusion that online compact text with long paragraphs is hard for the reader to concentrate and accept information. They would usually give up on reading the content after a few lines.

The best online format would then be double spacing with short paragraphs. Put in images too that go with the text to make the content more interesting. Blog posts, articles and PDF books are encouraged to follow this format because then readers don’t get carried away and stay glued to the content until the end.

Apart from this, the content should not merely be gibberish. It should spell out information in an interesting way so that the reader feels compelled to read and would like to read more of your stuff either blog posts, articles, PDF books or books in any other format.

So how do you make your content interesting? It should be informative – something innovative that most readers have not come across. It can be about an aspect of technology or a biological experiment or any other topic for that matter – so long it imparts information in an exciting way.

If it is a blog you are writing, you might think of compiling your blogp osts and converting them into an intriguing digital book and selling it on Amazon, following its guidelines.

Or, if it is a collection of articles you have written online, you might compile them into a PDF book and send it for free to your email list who will benefit from the knowledge of all the content. Make sure the content is right for the right email list and then everything falls into place. For example, they will also be eager to buy books written by you.

PDF books can be free self-help books or scholar papers for journals or conferences. Either way, upload them to your website to gain visibility and recognition. Whatever niche they might be in, if you follow my previous guidelines, yes you can gain a wide audience and there will be more traffic to your site.

As for journals and conferences, they have their own guidelines and since they are tested out and have been carrying on, visibility and recognition are not hard to gain provided your content is innovative and thrilling.

Summing up, those are a few guidelines you would like to follow to attract readers and ultimately a wide audience for the online content you create in any form in any niche.

Source by Rosina S Khan

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