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A text book can be any standard book on a subject, which is not necessarily used in a particular course. Text books are produced according to the demands of educational institutions. Information about different textbooks, choice of authors, subjects, condition of the textbook, and its availability can be taken from a few websites.

Many online websites are of great help to the buyers as well as to the sellers. By just sitting at home, one can get the related information about a particular book and one can even get information about second hand books instead of purchasing them. The education institutes require text books in bulk, so it is always beneficial to buy them second hand as if bought in bulk one can avail discounts on books.

Especially, students seek relief from rising prices through the purchase of used copies of textbooks, which tend to be less expensive. Most college bookstores offer used textbooks at lower rates. Most bookstores also buy these used copies back from students at the end of a term if the book is going to be re-used at school or college. Books that are not being re-used at the school or institutes can be purchased by off-campus wholesalers. Information regarding multiple ways of selling these books is available online on these websites as once a textbook is purchased from a retailer for the first time, there are several ways a students can sell his/her textbooks back at the end of the semester. Books can be bought/sold to the college/university bookstores, fellow students and a number of online websites also prefer to buy these books. Most importantly, desired information regarding the sale/purchase of text books is available on these online websites. This not only helps the common man to search for the desired book but it also helps the seller to apply online and get the book sold easily. By applying online, one can get the related information about multiple book stores which contain different text books of many subjects and this making the buying/selling less complicated.

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