The Future of Selling Information Products Online – Is It Time to Create Your Ebook?

The Future of Selling Information Products Online – Is It Time to Create Your Ebook?

For the past ten years of so there’s been a new kid on the publishing block. And so far it hasn’t made a big dent in being able to play with the big boys. But all that is about to change! Actually it is changing as we speak.

I’m talking about eBooks and digital books, and if you haven’t created your eBook yet you need to get to it!

eBooks have been a feature of the internet since the birth of the World Wide Web — if not before. But in the last few years, they have experienced a cusp and they’ve crossed over. eBooks are the fastest growing segment of the publishing market. And it’s a segment that seems to be independent of the economy.

That’s part of what has prompted companies like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Chapters-Indigo to enter the eBook market with their own readers and book publishing. And of course, the traditional publishers weren’t far behind.

With major booksellers like Amazon entering this market and allowing small publishers and authors to access their list directly, there has been a major shift in the market. Not only are eBooks cheaper and faster to produce, but there are now major forces in the retailing of books directly involved. The market is set to take off. The market is set for profitability.

And that profitability is poised to be much greater that traditional publishing!

Of course, it isn’t all roses and sunshine. The traditional publishers haven’t been blind to either the growth or the potential of eBooks. Many of them are in the process of converting their entire line to digital book format. Competition for the small author or publisher is on the horizon.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for you.

If you have a traditionally published book and still have the electronic version, you can easily convert the book into an eBook. You can sell it through Amazon and earn a much higher royalty than you could by writing a traditionally published book (unless of course you’re Steven King). In fact, one thing you must do is verify with your book’s publishers their digital rights. Many of them have begun to convert their lists to eBook format in order to give themselves access to the eBook channels and the profits involved.

But regardless of who publishes your book as an eBook, turning it into a digital book will extend your book’s life span. That means more sales and more money in your pocket!

If you haven’t written your book yet, why not? The rise of the eBook market means profiting from your eBook is now even easier. Creating a book is inexpensive and easy. It’s always been the publishing that has made it difficult to make a profit. But with the eBook market publishing is easy.

That means that writing an eBook is within everyone’s reach. And yet the big marketing benefits of book writing — namely position yourself as an expert — still remains. Bluntly the decision to create an eBook is child’s play.

Source by Glen Ford

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