Facing My Phantoms By Sheeba Shah

Facing My Phantoms By Sheeba Shah

We all like it when we get an inside scoop into affairs, right? Like right from the horse’s mouth! Because it is only then that we tend to believe, and rightly so, that the story that comes to us is official, is the correct story, and not a fragment of someone’s illusive imagination.

And therefore, when Sheeba Shah, the wife of the nephew of the slain King Birendra of Nepal writes about the most turbulent times of Nepalese history, we will all stop to take notice of what she has to say.

In her book, Facing my Phantoms, Sheeba Shah offers us a rich insight into the period of the 1930s, perhaps the moment of history which defined the changing face of Nepal. She weaves a magical tale keeping a historical transformation in the backdrop and wonderfully spins fact through the threads of fiction, and allows the reader to make his or her own interpretation of the unending mysteries of life.

The way in which she documents to gradual social, economical and political shift in the balances of power in Nepal is absolutely mesmerizing. The whole migration of a nation state with a rich history, into a moment of globalized symphony is worth the price of the book alone. The best part about books like these is that they allow the reader an impasse into changing structures of reality through the eyes of imagination. And when it is done as wonderfully as Sheeba Shah herself puts it, it makes the book all the more interesting to read.

One of the finest reads over a long, long period of time, Facing my Phantoms comes across as a book that has a story to tell. It has been quite some time since I have been able to say that about a book without sounding sarcastic or without letting jingoism get in the way of being truthful.

Source by Shubhojit Kumar

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