Secular Homeschooling – Should I Homeschool My Children?

Secular Homeschooling – Should I Homeschool My Children?

Should I home school my child?  For many parents the answer is based on their religious beliefs and that is certainly understandable.  But what if you are considering teaching your child at home and your reasons are not religious?  Then you would consider secular home schooling.  Either way, there are serious questions to consider and different options open to you.

What are your reasons for asking the question?  Do you feel public schools are just not providing for your child’s individual needs?  Maybe you see your son slipping through the cracks or  you want to give your daughter the opportunity to progress at her own pace in subjects uniquely meaningful to her.

Should I home school my children?  Parents who now home school once asked that same question for a variety of reasons.

Many felt the educational expectations they had for their children were hindered.  For instance, violence and promiscuous behavior in public schools was often cited.  Many had children that were bullied or subjected to obscene sexual advances. Still others wanted more quality time with their children.

Do these concerns mirror your thoughts and feelings?  If so, then the answer is probably yes, you should give your child a secular home school education.

Now before you start handing out homework assignments to your children, you need to a little homework of your own. 

Are you a person who avoids commitment?  If so you will probably not be a successful home teacher.  However, since you are asking questions and reading articles such as this one to find answers, you show you are serious minded and probably not afraid of hard work.  Good for you!  It’s true there will be a lot of  work and commitment,  but there will also a great deal of satisfaction, joy and fun!

Why satisfaction?  Because you will have so much more time with your children.  The joy comes from realizing  you are bonding with your child in a way that you’ll always cherish and never regret.    The fun comes from planning outings, educational games, physical exercise — well, you get the picture.  Use your imagination. You’ll find secular homeschooling is a wonderful adventure and a lifetime experience.

Should I home school my child?  You know parenting is a big job that takes much time, effort and commitment.  If you are ready to take that commitment to a new level, then secular home schooling is probably for you and the answer is YES!

Source by Jenny Rantoul

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